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Who we are & What we do

The iLeadHer program has been designed for use with the middle and high school female students. This program consists of different life skill sessions that will target areas such as self image, goal setting, self-esteem, substance abuse, sexual activity, social media and so much more. We hope to have the opportunity to reach those who participate in our program and assist them in fulfilling their goals.  If they don't have any goals set, together we will work with them to provide them a positive view of life. We will have the opportunity to deal with their communication skills and how it is important in order for them to become a strong leader in the home and within the community.

Our team consists of different individuals with very different backgrounds but they have the same passion, and that is to change the life of those they touch. Together they have came together to empower and to strengthen up those who desire more. Even though this organization was started in 2016, both Coach LaShonda Crawford and Coach Regina Edwards have been impacting the lives of others for over a decade.  These women has experienced problems from child abuse to domestic violence and can speak first hand about the importance of loving and understanding who you are as a woman and how decisions that are made in your younger years can turn around and effect you for the rest of your life.

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